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Credit Accounts are available for Corporate & Public Sector clients.

We aim to offer the lowest prices on the Web. Call us if you see something cheaper elsewhere and we'll try to beat it.

SIP Trunks

High Quality and Reliable SIP Trunk Service with great value call charges

Telephone Systems - System Phones - VoIP  UK

Discount Telephone Systems Phones Avaya Siemens Alcatel Panasonic Aastra Ericsson Mitel NEC Toshiba and 3Com.

Fixed Cellular Terminals GSM Gateways Premicells

GSM Gateway, FCT, Fixed Cellular Terminal, Premicell, GSM Gateway, FCT, Fixed Cellular Terminal analogue trunk connection to telephone system to enable mobile to mobile calls - saving up to 50% on traditional fixed to mobile telephone calls.

Door Entry Systems Telephone / Intercom

Voice-Mail, Auto Attendant, Titan Voxbox, Voxbox Lite and Pana Vox Lite, Titan Phonesaver Battery Back-up and Door Entry from North Supply

IP Phones and VOIP Products - Skype Phones - SIP Phones

SIP Phones for SIP Telephone systems or Internet Telephony Providers
Save £££..s on your Telephone Bills using Skype or other VOIP providers making your calls to other VOIP users free. You can also save £££'s by using low cost internet call services.

Storacall TeleAcoustics Acoustic Hoods

Storacall TeleAcoustics Acoustic Hood T3000, Storacall TeleAcoustics T400 Full Shelf Hood, Storacall TeleAcoustics T400 Half Shelf Hood, Storacall TeleAcoustics T2000 Marine Hood., Acoustic Hoods, Waterproof Boxes, TeleAcoustics Acoustic Small Cabinets, Pedestal Housing and Telepnone Shelves

Business Telephones

BT ATL Audioline Betacom Binatone Cable & Wireless Geemarc Interquartz Mybelle Siemens Ulytel. All types of Business Style Telephones.

Music on Hold Music-on-Hold MOH cd players

TEAC CD1160P & Titan CD420 Music-on-Hold Player, CD Player, Titan CD620 Rack Mounted Music on Hold Player, Titan CD520 Music on Hold. MOH, Heavy Duty CD Players for MOH, plus Music CDs & Accessories

Headsets Amplifiers Office Call Centre Headsets

Office and Call Centre Headsets, Plantronics Headsets, GN Netcom Headsets, Agent Headsets, Claria Headsets, Clement Clarke Headsets - JPL Headsets, Audioline Headsets, Qualis Headsets, Sennheiser Headsets. Monaural Headsets, Binaural Headsets Headsets Types, Over the Head, Over the Ear , Behind the Head, Polaris, Bluetooth Headsets, Amplifiers, Connection Leads and PC Headsets.

DECT Digital Cordless Phones Low Prices UK Shop

BTDiverse Dect, BT Freestyle Dect, BT Lyric Dect, BT On Air Dect, BT Studio Dect, BT Verve Dect, Binatone Dect, Doro Dect, Cable & Wireless Dect, Motorola Dect, NTL Dect, One Tel Dect, Panasonic KXTCD Dect, Philips Kala Dect, Philips Onis Dect,

Dect Cordless Phone Systems Dectsys Circle DeTeWe

Circle Wireless Telephone System, Dectsys 2200 Starter Kit Telephone System, Dectsys Deskdect, Dectsys Repeater, Dectsys Spare Handset, Dectsys PRO 428, DeTeWe Opencom 100.

Domestic Specialist and Answering Machines Phones

BT Audioline Betacom Binatone Cable & Wireless Doro Geemarc Mybelle. A comprehensive range of Domestic Telephones, with novelty models along with many classics.

Special Environment Phones - Vandal Resistant - Weatherproof Phones

RACAL RA711, RACAL RA708, RACAL RA705 Weatherproof, Vandal Resistant Phones, Titan Commander 1 Button Environmental Telephones, GAI-Tronics VR Help Point Phones, Thales Weatherproof, Vandal Resistant Phones, Santinal, Hygeia Sterile

Broadband Routers and Wireless Networking

Top Name Broadband Networking Equipment at very low prices.

Two Way Radios and Accessories

Motorola Two Way Radios, Motorola XTN446 Two Way Radio, Kenwood,TK3201 Two Way Radio, Uniden PMR845 Two Way Radio, Motorola T5522 Two Way Radio Entel Icom Cobra

Audio and Video Conferencing Low UK Price

Polycom Soundstation Audio Conferencing, Konftel Audio Conferencer Panasonic ClearOne Phonelog Audio Conferencing

ALL NEW BT X300 Just £163.95

Data Equipment and Data Cabling Supplies

Comms Cabinets, Server Cabinets, Free Standing Comms Cabinets, Floor Comms Cabinets, Cable, Patch Panels, Patching Wall Cabinets, Patch Leads, Coolports, Baluns, Testing Equipment and Tools

Telephone / Payphones Hoods and Environmemtal Telephones

Titan Solitaire 6000 Payphone, Solitaire 6000 High Security Payphone, Ecosse Pegasus Desktop Payphone, Storacall TeleAcoustics Acoustic Hood T3000, Storacall TeleAcoustics T400 Full Shelf Hood, Storacall, Racal RA711, Racal RA708, Racal RA705

Why pay to rent a Payphone, when you can purchase one and save on rental charges. Generate extra cash from your Pub, Club, Canteen or Works

Telerecorders and Dictation Machines

Call Recording Products and Advanced Answering Machines / Message Centres Retell Telerecorders an increasing number of home workers as well as individuals will discover the benefit of recording calls at home or whilst on the move with a telerecorder

Public Address and Paging Equipment

Scope Pager, Scope Paging System Datapage 2 UHF Desktop, Scope Pager GEO 40, Scope Pager GEO 14, Scope GEO N6V, Scope GEO N8TM, Public Address Valcom Adastra TOA Eagle CPA central pre-amps Ceiling Horn Microphone Speaker

Problems with communications, difficulty contacting someone when they are away from their desk. Public Address could be the answer. Valcom PA equipment is designed to enhance any phone system quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.

Care Phones - Specialist Phones for the disabled or infirm

Care Phones, Big Button Phones, Alarm Pendants, Emergency Autodiallers
Care Phones for the elderly and Infirm - hearing loss - visually impared - disabled

If you need help, please call us free on 0800 612 2199