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Panasonic KIT-NS1000-UCC30E Ucc Pack - Manufacturer Part: KIT-NS1000-UCC30E

1,146.60 (Ex VAT)


The NS1000 gives you a full suite of network telephony and communications
features, with built-in advanced applications and an excellent and extensive
choice of fixed and wireless terminals, headsets and softphones. System
capabilities can be easily enhanced and expanded with software applications and
licences, allowing it to meet the needs of single-site and multi-site
• UCC Pack with 30 users capacity
• 1 NS1000 main unit with Power Supply and DSP Small
• 2 Channels and 2 hours Unified Messaging System
• 4 BRI Card (8 Channels) with 2 analogue extensions
• 2 Channels IP Trunk (H323/ SIP)
• 15 licences for an IP Phone (UTxxx/ NT3xxx)
• 2 Licences for Unified Messaging
• 2 licences for Mobile Extension