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Aastra BS332 DECT Base Station MPN:80E00014AAA

390.60 (Ex VAT)


Download Datasheet Here

BS332 and BS330 Base Stations
The BS33x is the standard solution for most business premises. Although typical indoor coverage is 30 m, actual coverage depends on factors such as the spacing of walls and the building materials used. The BS33x supports up to 8 simultaneous speech calls per base station. Remaining signaling capacity is reserved for DECT SMS messaging and alarm handling. Whilst the BS33x is primarily designed for indoor coverage, an outdoor housing is available for outdoor applications. Outdoor coverage is up to 300 m.
BS340 and BS342 Base Stations
The BS34x shares the basic characteristics of the BS33x, but comes with two external omni-directional dipole antennas. These default antennas provide a spherical coverage pattern and a number of directional antennas is available as alternatives. The directional antennas radiate more in certain directions than in others. The benefit with the alternative antennas is the ability to direct coverage exactly where you need it, reducing overall cost in cases where the ideal coverage shape is not a sphere.