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2n Officeroute 1xumts 505610GB

659.06 (Ex VAT)


2N OfficeRoute is a one-box-solution for all types of communication. High speed data, VoIP / GSM / UMTS calling, analog faxing and SMS sending / communication. Target users are small and medium sized companies using IP telephony.

  • HSPA / UMTS / EDGE/ GPRS based PBX with router functionality
  • SIP protocol support for terminals and trunksSMS over SMTP / POP3 Mobility Extension
  • Internal VoiceMail
  • Up to 3 GSM channels
  • LCR (Least Cost Router) according to free minutes and providers
  • Simple web based configuration
  • CDR buffer for up to 500 000 records
  • LOG and statistics saving