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2N Bri/isdn2e Lite 502183GB

456.78 (Ex VAT)


The 2N BRI Lite is a product based on 2N know-how in the sector of GSM and UMTS Gateways. All its functions pursue a common goal the desire to simplify usage and reduce costs to meet an organization s communication needs. Just like other ISDN GSM Gateways, you can connect it to any private branch exchange with a digital ISDN BRI interface. At the same time, you can choose whether you want to connect the gateway to a TE or NT port. The functions of a 2N BRI Lite include counting free minutes on inserted SIM cards and, if your personnel spend a lot of time outside their office, you will certainly appreciate the SMS service which sends a missed call message to the respective mobile phone number showing the caller s number. For foreign business trips, the CallBack service eliminates roaming charges. As soon as you connect the gateway to your private branch exchange, you start to significantly save on telecommunication charges. The 2N BRI Lite will become one of the most profitable returns on investment you have ever made in your company.

  • Saves money
  • Remote monitoring via GSM
  • Counting free minutes
  • Auto CLIP Routing
  • CallBack service
  • Possibility to select between a TE/NT port